Dorm-safe cleansing

Cleansing with crystals

You may feel the  need to cleanse your dorm room, to get rid of any stagnant or negative energy.  I thought I’d share a few dorm-safe options.  (And just for the record, make sure your roommate is cool with it before doing anything magickal to shared space.)

There’s a multitude of ways to cleanse a room, and if you’re living in a dorm incense is out of the question, but fear not! Some smokeless alternatives are:

  • sprinkling salt or cleansing herbs in windowsills
  • place crystals with cleansing/balancing properties on windowsills (I like citrine and rose quartz)
  • Make a cleansing spray with water and salt or herbs
  • Ring a bell
  • clap your hands

The pagan forum, the cauldron offers a few options as well.

What do you think, do you have a preferred method of cleansing?



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